Our Mission & Vision

In 1987, Simaril Inc. opened its doors to support people to live and thrive as inclusive community members. Using a person-centred approach, we have expanded services and opportunity for people with intellectual disabilities, providing homes and Supported Independent Living programs. Growth of services and people supported, have evolved as a result of a need for services, passionate Board members and staff and a strategic plan to chart our course.

Simaril’s growth and operations are guided with a foundational set of principles that provide a compass for all we do. This includes our Mission, Vision and Values:

Mission: Simaril Inc. supports empowered living in the community for adults with intellectual disabilities.

Vision: Barrier free acceptance and full opportunity for all people.

Our work to support people with intellectual disabilities, to live a full life as part of their local community is guided by the following values:

Integrity: At Simaril, we take responsibility for our individual actions and for the actions of one another, holding each other to a high standard. We demonstrate the ownership necessary for ensuring quality services that support our supported individuals’ rights to a full and equal life. We will be transparent, fully participating in any endeavor we undertake and we will reflect on our activities to ensure that our mission is achieved.

Respect: Each of us at Simaril has made a commitment to recognize our impact on the people we serve. We understand that our actions toward and involving our supported individuals reflect our belief that all human beings are entitled to opportunity, compassion and a dignified life. Every voice is heard and appreciated and our actions will reflect that we hold one another, the supported individuals we serve and the community in high regard.

Diversity: At Simaril, we understand the importance of difference and how it enriches community life. We recognize and embrace our role in ensuring adults with intellectual disabilities are treated with justice and equity. We work with local communities to encourage and support participation for people with an intellectual disability in ‘ordinary places.’

Empowerment: At Simaril we believe in the power of self-determination for all people. We encourage individuals to imagine and visualise a life for themselves in their own community, and we provide supports and address barriers that assist them to realise that life.