Cluster Living

Cluster living offers an unlicensed independent housing model with onsite staffing support. With the models currently available, individuals have their own bedrooms and other areas of the home are shared amongst other tenants. Single staffing is on site 24/7 to provide person-centered support where needed; meals are provided and medications are administered by staff. Individuals are encouraged and supported to contribute to the household responsibilities and are also encouraged to engage in productive roles in the community as well.
Cluster living provides opportunity for individuals to build upon daily living skills as well as coping and social skills while receiving the monitoring that they may require. A strong sense of community, inclusion, collaboration and peer support are emphasized in the home which contribute to positive peer relationships and the resiliency to work through daily challenges.
Household recreational activities, meetings and responsibilities further contribute to a sense of “family”, productivity, and belonging. Individuals in cluster living also receive outreach support to assist with needed tasks in the community. The assigned case manager works closely with the individual and collaterals to develop an individualized support plan and achieve identified goals. Some individuals may find long term housing in cluster living while others may transition to independent living or a more supported environment such as home share or shift staffed placement.