Residential Living

Simaril Residential Support Services program provides safe and secure, 24-hour support and services to a variety of people with intellectual challenges and mental health. We focus on a person-centered approach to support full and meaningful lives for each person, keeping in mind their own unique abilities and interests. Families are welcome and encouraged to participate in the growth of their loved one’s lives. Our core values of support are integrity, respect, diversity, empowerment and person-centered care and support.

Our staff are trained to manage a variety of complex care plans including challenging behaviors, complex medical needs, unique communication techniques, vulnerable behaviors, etc. In addition, our staff are trained in the areas of lifts, transfers, and tube feeding.

We encourage and explore ways to engage people to participate fully in their community. The people supported, family, collaterals, and staff work together to create a support plan uniquely designed to enhance individual life choices in a safe supportive environment.

Our homes are staffed 24 hours based on a shifted staffed model.  The hours are scheduled and reflective of the needs of the people living in the home with each location providing unique services. We encourage a family dynamic based on respect that represents the core values of our philosophy of treating of people with dignity.